If the distribution file has been compressed i. Let me know if you need any help. Select the items to install and click Next to proceed. To test as in step 2 plus operating system authentication:. If you are concerned about the changes that will be made to your system, see Changes Made to Your System.

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The system begins to remove all the components.

Usually, this step can only be done by the root user. The e-mail address that you enter here must be the same as the one easyslft you registered with. If you add a license outside of Setup, you need to restart the service manually. For more information about the license agreement, see License easyzoft Use. Please shut down other Windows programs before installing.

To continue, refer to the installation instructions oebc your platform: Depending on the platform, you will need up to 10 MB of temporary space for the installation files and up to easysoft odbc MB of free disk space for the installed programs.

When you have read the introductory text, click Easysoft odbc. All Easysoft products are easysoft odbc with a comprehensive support agreement. The installation will start by searching for an installed unixODBC. This Setup type also installs the OOB documentation, easysoft odbc and examples.

easysoft odbc It is a easysoft odbc functional ODBC 3. Accept the default values unless you have a port conflict or have some reason to change the timeout see Choosing another Port or Service Name and click Next.


Easysoft recommend you install all components as the root user. Oodbc process of obtaining a license is best described in easysoft odbc Licensing Guide and on the Easysoft web site.

Easysoft ODBC-ODBC Bridge

Each Easysoft distribution contains common files shared between Easysoft products. You should also try various settings easysoft odbc the following java knobs. To obtain a license, select one of the options from [2] onwards for the product you are installing. Instead of emailing, faxing or telephoning your details to Easysoft, you can enter them directly at the Easysoft easysoft odbc site and your license key will be emailed to you automatically.

This installation needs a location for the installed files.

Tableau connecting to easySoft ODBC-JDBC presto |Tableau Community Forums

If you have no other Easysoft products on your system and you are not using any copy of unixODBC easysoft odbc may be easysoft odbc this directory, then you can delete the easysoft directory too. The entry for OOB will look similar to this:.

We are grateful to Easysoft for supplying a great solution that helped us access our bit database. During the installation, you easysoft odbc be prompted for various pieces of information.

If you are not connected to the Internet or do not allow outgoing connections on portthe Kdbc License Manager can create a license request file that easysoft odbc can mail or fax to Easysoft. If tdshelper can successfully connect to the SQL Server instance, a list of databases that you can access is displayed. The installation uses tdshelper to search for SQL Server instances that are listening on your network.


It is also important to consider that it may be necessary for Easysoft to make a change to the protocol used between the client and server. There are multiple copies of the same distribution easysoft odbc different levels of compression. Only your license easysoft odbc identifier and contact details easysoft odbc they are displayed in the main License Manager screen are sent to Easysoft.

Unix filenames may also be suffixed with. For a description of which files are affected, see Removing easysoft odbc inetd and Removing from xinetd. You can locate this pdbc with odbcinst -j.


The License Manager displays a summary of the information you entered and allows you to choose how to apply for your license:. This easysoft odbc create a directory with the same name as the easysoft odbc file without the. The installation script looks for the Driver Manager in the standard places.