Windows version has QuickWeb feature, which runs a version of Linux. My HE with Atheros chipset worked fine. I’m running Ubuntu partly because the problems on Windows are terrible. Connectivity successful in the pre-packaged Windows 7 Starter Edition. Audio internal speakers and headphone jack Wireless and Ethernet work, as long as you use a desktop live cd to install Ubuntu. You must also be sure to untick the box ‘allow Skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels’.

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It’s a piece of hardware I must use for work.

Broadcom wi-fi on LINUX (ex. Ubuntu) for Mini [FIX] – HP Support Forum –

The mic should then work after a reboot at least with the sound recorder app. Needed to install a compiler by downloading and installing a large number of. Ubunru info wiireless proprietary drivers here https: Dedicated touchpad disable button does not work.

Module loaded successfully” if it worked. None of the function keys work in UNR. No side-effects so far. Device So, looks like I don’t have the usual “Broadcom” wireless adapter. Hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless, download to a usb drive the p7zip-full package and install it first.

Dell Latitude Works fine after some configuration.

Might have to go the ndiswrapper route. On Karmic I had to remove all things broadcom b43 et al and install the “bcmwl-kernel-source” package see https: To get the sound to output from the headphone jack properly install the linux-alsa-driver-modules- your kernel version package from the Ubuntu Audio Dev PPA.


Credits Nearly everything worked after the first install of Squeeze via usb, netinstall. I also tried using the package manager to install the “bcmwl-kernel-source” package. Therefore I had to backup one HP partition externally, and turn the free space into an Extended partition, where then Ubuntu could do its thing of course it is also an option to totally delete all the HP and Windows 7 stuff Then another problem was that the Wifi didn’t work out hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless the box with the Wireless driver 20 HP Mini ca.

There is a Intel and Nvidia chipset in this netbook but only the Intel will be used without doing some hacking. HP Wirelese Very annoyingly, this netbook came with a preinstalled Windows 7 – light, with a HP recovery partition and another primary system partition, which made all the primary partitions taken, leaving no more space for Ubuntu partitions. Hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless currenly default free gma driver does not realize the full hardware potential: Webcam, sound, sleep worked out of the box suspend to ram works, suspend to disk doesn’t at least on Wireless works out of the box, but connection is flaky.

Everything works out of the hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless but the recommended Broadcom STA driver does not appear to activate in live mode.

Overall Status

Downloaded the driver package. There is no multi-gesture and I’ve yet to find a solution.

Only the mute LED is always on, but you hear sounds and you can mute hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless Their STA drivers are terrible and don’t support all the models that the Mini comes from. Then, the instructions at https: If you could already see wireless networks but not join them for any length of time, it is not a driver issue but a linux Ubuntu,etc one.


When complete, this resolves the USB and Camera issues. The workaround for this is to press Shift on reboot until the GRUB menu appears and select the recovery mode, followed by the fail safe graphics mode. When I tried booting into Recovery Mode immediately after failing to boot into normal mode, Recovery Mode would fail hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless the same hp mini 210 ubuntu wireless.

By searching around for more information about that device, I found a couple of other people trying to solve the same problem. Head-phones do not always disable internal speakers.

Microphone does not work out of the box. I wouldn’t recomend the method used on the link above for the generic Mini since the kernel change breaks the filesystem and erases wireless again.