These features work well with both Oracle and non-Oracle connections and are discussed throughout this guide. Any on-going transactions immediately receive an exception. If an Oracle RAC instance can no longer support affinity, the connections in the pool are refreshed to use a new instance and affinity is established once again. If you want your applet to connect to a database running on a different computer, then you have the following options: Only one callback can be registered per connection pool. The value is the location of an ONS-specific Java properties file. The DBAs should be able to move the database to a new host or port without breaking anything.

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Borrowed connections are oracle rac jdbc aborted and closed during unplanned shutdown scenarios. An unsigned applet can access only the same host from which it is downloaded. A connection affinity callback is registered on a connection pool using the registerConnectionAffinityCallback method.

Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)

Connection Affinity Statistics The connection affinity statistics are used to determine if a oracle rac jdbc pools is effectively utilizing connection affinity. Prints a help summary message for onsctl.

The advisory is oracle rac jdbc to balance work across Oracle RAC instances and is used to determine which instances offer the best performance. Why can’t they clearly say, if the grey “jdbc: If you have more than one archive file in the kracle, separate them with commas. In the URL, you specify an address list that lists the protocol, port, and name of the Web server host on ooracle the Connection Manager is running, followed by the protocol, port, and name of the host on which oracle rac jdbc database is running.


The callback is an implementation of the ConnectionAffinityCallback interface which is located in the oracle. In general, oracle rac jdbc purpose of a firewall is to prevent unauthorized clients from reaching the server.

The following example demonstrates setting an affinity policy in a callback implementation. The following example demonstrates enabling FCF as shown in Example Both of these protocols are lightweight implementation versions of their counterparts on the server. Writing a URL oracle rac jdbc Connect Through a Firewall To write a URL that enables you to connect through a firewall, you must specify the name of oracle rac jdbc firewall host and the name of the database host to which you want to connect.

The data source’s getStatistics method can also be called by itself and returns all connection pool statistics as a String and includes the Oracle RAC statistics.

Java JDBC Connection with Oracle RAC

Let us examine how some of the popular application servers handle database connectivity and utilize the RAC database. ONS internal resource information secure: The value is the location of an ONS-specific Java properties file. The Web server on oracle rac jdbc the Kracle Manager is running is on host webHost and is listening on port When a communication link failure occurs between an Oracle node and the oracle rac jdbc as shown in the second case, the driver automatically switches the connection to another available node.


ONS listener information discover: A connection affinity callback is removed from a connection pool using the removeConnectionAffinityCallback method.

Connection affinity is oracle rac jdbc performance feature that allows a connection pool to select connections that are directed at a specific Oracle RAC instance.

Normally seeing such a duplicated part should ring all bells and whistles: Use signed applets, which can request socket connection privileges to other computers.

Distributed transactions are a good example of transaction-based affinity. When distribution metrics are not received, connection are selected using a random choice.

The following example demonstrates an ONS configuration string as shown in Example All the parameters shown in the preceding example are required. The following example demonstrates configuring the oracle rac jdbc URL as shown in Example ValidConnection interface is typically used in conjunction with the FCF feature and is used to check if a borrowed oracle rac jdbc is still usable after an SQL exception has been thrown due to an Oracle RAC down event.

Oracle RAC

FCF must also be enabled to use run-time connection load balancing and connection affinity. When client load balancing is enabled, connection attempts oracle rac jdbc made randomly among RAC nodes.

However, it can help with performance and is usually oraxle regardless.