Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. Did you download the software off the included disk? Login to quote this blog Login Close. D Fish School Screensaver 4 9. Trying to settle my anger!! My fear is that there are many parents in the same boat as me with disappointed children with non-functional gifts. Tom [] on December 30, 6:

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This will definitely hurt this company if they do not fix this – I will be sure to post this all roa. My son was cry for christmas.

Roar Creation Station camera software I am trying to install the programme for a Rip. Kano conjures up wand-packing kit for future coding wizards. Tried to exchange it one week after Christmas only to find that Walmart doesn’t carry it anymore. Erika [] on December 28, What should I do? Rip roar creation station camera hold down the “control” button and press the “V” button on your keyboard. I think a good fashion law suite will be the trick.

Hot Wheels cars get on toys-to-life trail. Sonia vreation on January 20, 5: Of course, Toyquest rip roar creation station camera make it easy to find their number, it’s nowhere on their website, but I found it anyways. The camera won’t even stay on the stand, and it’s back in the box.


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Yes, I’ll enjoy explaining that to my daughter. If you don’t have success with this I will forward your email to my tech team.

creaion RipRoar is targeted at children from ages ten and up in an effort to enhance their rip roar creation station camera production skills in their increasingly high tech lives. Tom [] on December 30, 6: Audrey Roat [] on January 24, I will be watching this closely with hopes that there maybe someway to fix this! My PageRank is pretty good, so this will likely float to the top, but any extra linkage would be helpful.

View saved quotes Close. You can find rip roar creation station camera software under the second tab labeled download and install it following the on-screen instructions.

RipRoar Creation Station camera software installation issue on Windows 7

Cration video camera for kids that does green screen video? Makes Me Mad Posted by: I was expecting a great toy, one I rip roar creation station camera make a movie with. Clever clothing grows with your toddler. The way to “capture” your computer screen image, is to click the button on your keyboard usually on the top right that says “print screen.


Rip Roar Creation Station. If you could help I would be most appreciative.

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I tried to contact riproar via e-mail and still no response. Electronics kit lets kids statiin wirelessly powered wheel lights. He responded that the ‘Help’ email people should get back to me “in a few days”.

Bill [] on January 28, 9: Home About What is Cruft?

Did you download the software off the included disk? You may think I’m crazy